Color your Easter Eggs with Natural Ingredients

Color your Easter Eggs with Natural Ingredients

 Let’s go back in time!


Egg dyeing has long been a fun activity for our little ones, but to protect them, it is essential that we avoid chemicals and artificial colors whenever possible to safely color their eggs. 

Before artificial dyes were introduced to the market, families colored their Easter eggs through natural techniques perfected by our ancestors’ centuries ago. Natural dyes found in onion shells, various plants, fresh berries, roots, minerals, and homemade juices, can produce more intense color than the artificial dyes commonly used today.

Dalmatia® SPREADS contains a high proportion of fruit. We find that the vibrant Dalmatia®  Super Berry Spread  is most ideal for coloring our Easter eggs!



When getting ready to boil your eggs (before actually adding the eggs), fill your pan with enough water to anticipate that the eggs would remain submerged once they are cooked (about an inch headway of water above the eggs at start). Add two teaspoons of spread into the water and stir well. Add eggs and simmer for 10 minutes over medium heat, then turn off the heat and leave the eggs in the water for added color depth. Check the color of the eggs and take them out at different times to achieve different shades.

You can also remove some of the eggs from the mixture immediately after turning the heat off, covering them directly with spread, and leave to stand. You can then wipe the surface of the eggs with a wet paper towel to pick up any spread residue from the surface, resulting in a color with unique motifs.


Enjoy your beautiful eggs!

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