Amazing Gift Box ($150 value)!
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Amazing Gift Box ($150 value)!

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This wonderful gift box is meant to be shared with friends and family!  It also makes an impressive gift, with its custom white box and artistic label!

Price: $85 ($150 value). Gluten free, nonGMO.

Contents include:  3 Fig Spread, 3 Fig Orange Spread, 3 Sour Cherry Spread, 1 Organic Apricot Spread, 1 Organic Blackberry Spread, 1 Organic Strawberry Spread, 3 Tangerine Spread, 1 Plum Spread, 1 Green Olive Spread, 1 Black Olive Spread.

A great item to brighten up someone's day!

Note: we no longer carry the Fig Torta and have discounted the price to accommodate for the fact that it will not be included.