The Trial Completed                    
We just finished a month long federal trial and are pleased to report that we won on our claims of misappropriation of trade secrets, counterfeiting and trademark infringement.
The jury determined that Divina Fig Spreads use our Secret and Proprietary Recipe.
In 2016 we discovered that two companies—our former distributor, FoodMatch, Inc., and our former co-packer, Lancaster Fine Foods—used our trade secret information (our secret recipe) to create competing fig spreads—under the Divina brand.
The companies also used our trademarks—our Dalmatia® brand name and our trademark jar/tag configuration—without our knowledge and without our permission.
It has now been verified that for many months, they were selling unauthorized Dalmatia® fig spread (over 200,000 jars) to trusting distributors, stores and consumers across the country, including product which our quality control person (that’s me) designated as being sub-standard and unsellable under our brand.
Dalmatia® is a small business built on our commitment to high quality products.  After a long year of litigation, we are pleased that the jury vindicated our rights.
Thank you for your support and for your patience.
Very truly yours,
President and Co-owner