Meet Our President


Maia Magee, President and Co-Founder

Maia is a self-starter, an innovator, she makes things happen and she takes chances.  These are the qualities which move her ahead and define her character. 

In business, Maia created a market changing product for which there is now an entirely new category in stores, and if you ask her, she will let you know that she led the design and marketing of the brand herself. 

Growing up in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, Maia was surrounded by dairy farms and fresh food was a part of her daily life.  Later, when living abroad she found even more natural and delicious foods to incorporate into her life. 

As a result, Maia is very healthy and sees the importance of bringing this idea of clean, natural, healthy, flavorful foods to everyone.  She carries this understanding of natural flavors to all brands and products she is involved with and she makes sure they meet the highest standards.  She is committed to quality and has even been known to stop production runs in order to fix flavor or quality issues before continuing production.

Personally, Maia enjoys helping people and has donated significantly to charities and foundations.

She spends a good deal of time fighting against corruption and true injustice when she encounters it around her.

Her free time is spent outdoors, exercising and staying fit.