About Our Brand

Ours is a commitment originally inspired by our love for a beautiful land and a beautiful people.  The unique and rustic coastal region of Croatia is an area best known for its Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, domestic olive oils, and the land's untamed beauty.  
We use only first-class fruit, which means it is free from bruising or damage and is equivalent in quality to what one would buy in the produce department.  We know of no other company that can make this claim.  We hand inspect and hand clean every fig. 
Our fruit is procured from Northern and Eastern Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, coastal Dalmatia, and other Mediterranean regions. 
Maintaining local farming in Croatia is important to us and we continue to encourage and support the local community. 
Our Sweet Spreads pair perfectly with cheeses of all varieties and with baked goods, and our Savory Spreads are a wonderful addition to any charcuterie or antipasto plate. 
Thank you for trying our spreads! We hope you can taste the care we put into them. Enjoy!