Dalmatia Import Group wins landmark jury verdict in first test of new Defend Trade Secrets Act Specialty food manufacturer could receive more than $5 million from former distributor and manufacturer  A federal jury issued a verdict on behalf of Dalmatia Import Group, Inc., which includes the first verdict rendered under a new federal law aimed at protecting trade secrets. The jury’s award, which is subject to enhancements for trademark counterfeiting, could reach $5.2 million in total damages, plus attorneys’ fees. The verdict came after Dalmatia sued its former distributor, FoodMatch, Inc., and its former manufacturer, Lancaster Fine Foods, Inc., on...

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Dalmatia®Fig Spread - there's just no Match.

Dalmatia® Fig Spread uses first class fruit and every fig is inspected by hand.  In 20 years no one has been able to replicate our Fig Spread.   

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Big News....

The jury determined that FoodMatch was guilty of using our secret recipe to make their Divina Fig Spreads. The jury also found FoodMatch guilty of counterfeiting--they used our jars, our Trademark name, our Trademark jar/tag look.  

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